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7 most beautiful oldest temples of the World

Every temple brings a deeper meaning and relevance attached to it which defines one religion. The peculiar peace which we feel around those ancient walls and statues are the reason, people leave everything behind to visit such places. Here the few old temples from all over the world, which holds a profound meaning of its own:

Tiger’s Nest Monastery


Located on the 3,000 feet high cliff in Paro Valley , Bhutan, this monastery is the most blessed places. Tiger’s Nest monastery is popular for its ancient story where Guru Rinpoche, the second Buddha came to this cliff riding a Tigress, to meditate on this cave. The beautiful monastery was built in 1692, with the purpose to illuminate Buddha followers and practice Buddhists.

Temple of Heaven


This beautifully crafted temple is located in Beijing, China by Emperor Yongle. It was known to be his personal temple, where he could connect with God all alone and pray for the well being of his people. The King was quite influenced by the idea of experiencing Heaven and therefore every corner of this temple represents the beauty of Heaven.

Luxor Temple


A magnificent ancient temple in Egypt, located on the bank of river Nile was built in 1500 BCE. The major significance of this temple is the Opet festival and is dedicated to three Egyptian Gods. It is a must visit temple in Egypt to discover all the faces and the powers of their Gods.

Khajuraho Temples


Khajuraho temples of Madhya Pradesh, in India were built in 12th Century by the Chandela rulers. These temples are popular for its artistic deity’s sculptures representing a unique form of sacred love. A technique of Tantra meditation has been depicted through these sculptures, which takes us to the direction of Nirvana. A state of consciousness, which enlighten us to understand the art of love in a different way.

Golden Temple

golden temple

The Golden Temple is a Sikh religious Gurudwara is located in Punjab, India.  This holy place symbolises the qualities of share, sacrifice and freedom. This Gold plated temple gives a peaceful ambiance to everyone who visits or stays at this place.  



Stonehenge is situated in Britain and is accepted to be England’s most prominent national symbol, it is made out of earthworks encompassing a roundabout setting of vast standing stones in south west Britain. It was worked by a civilization that left no composed records such a large number of parts of Stonehenge stay subject to face off regarding; in any case some have estimated that it was a sanctuary made for the love of old earth divinities.

Temple of Seti


This temple is the morgue sanctuary of Pharaoh Seti I on the west bank of the Nile in Abydos. The antiquated sanctuary was built towards the end of the rule of Seti, and may have been finished by his child Ramesses the Incomparable after his passing in 1279 BC. The sanctuary was committed to Seti I as well as to various divinities. The brought reliefs up in this old sanctuary are a portion of the finest and nittiest gritty in all of Egypt. The sanctuary likewise contains the Abydos Lord List. It is a sequential rundown of numerous dynastic pharaohs of Egypt from Menes, the Egyptian lord credited with establishing the Main administration, until Ramesses I, Seti’s dad.

The belief in God and higher power is what forces us, to go out of our way and visit places which are filled with spirits and energies of those powerful deity’s. So expand your horizons and feel the power around you in such amazing places to worship god from where they originated.

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