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Amazing Beach Vacation to Thailand

We all want that time of the year, where we are just relaxing and chilling with ourselves, don’t we? Well that is why we plan a beach vacation at least once a year. Planning a beach vacation could be a task considering all the climatic conditions for certain regions. Apart from weather, there is lot of other factors to keep in mind before going for a holiday.


We all have heard about Thailand’s deal for shopping and fun, however this place is surprisingly famous for its beaches also. Thailand apparently is pretty huge when it comes to the beach areas. For planning a Beach Vacation you must be aware of which all places you can explore. Let’s have a look all the variety of beaches this place have for us. We will start from the most popular one which Patong Beach, located on the west coast of Phuket. This beach is the most popular beach on the west coast with its beautiful white sand and clear water. There are lot of shops and restaurants to explore near the beach for shopping purposes, although there are no hotels available on the beach.  Next we have Hua Hin Beach, a perfect place for the families to spend time together, on those long walk on the beach or for horseback riding. This beach land will have all the five star hotels for accommodation.


For all those people who want to spend time with nature without any distractions, must visit to Railey Beach which is located in Krabi. This beach has its own beauty of cliffs and desert island appearance. However unlike other beaches in Thailand, this beach can only be accessible by boat. Due to its quietness in the arms, nightlife on this beach is bit low. Along with the calm and composed nature, it also has the sporty side connected to it. There are sports like rock climbing, kayaking and snorkeling if people are looking for some adventurous fun. For single, young and energetic people there is a perfect beach Thailand has, which is Koh Phi Phi. It has all the activities an explorer can think of, from hanging out on cliff to the entertainment of dancers with fire. It offers a wide variety of luxurious hotels to stay which includes resorts and pool villas for that leisure time in your journey.


Beaches are defined as another way to find your soul in this huge world.  An admirable place where one can be lost in the magical power of shiny blue water. There is lot of places in the entire Universe, where one can find beautiful beaches, however Thailand has its own charm and alluring facts, which makes it different than any other beach destination. Every beach has its own story to share and we can only hear those stories, once we become a part of it. So pack your bags with those sunscreens along with flip flops, and prepare yourself for the best beach vacation for this season!!


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