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Amazing Wildlife Safari in Dhikala

We all wish to feel the adventures of being surrounded with wild animals and learn more about the real world in the wilds. However due to the our safety, tourism industries have provided us such safety nets during the wildlife trips. But I feel if one really wishes to comprehend the life in the wild, then one must be ready to take the risk of  being out without any safety nets. That is when you will experience the fear of being surrounded with untamed animals. That is when you will realize the life beyond these civilized society. These kind of experiences are life changing in every way, it certainly changes the way we apprehend these animals of Jungle Land. Corbett National Park provides great opportunity to know more about these free spirited wild animals. Dhikala forest lodge is the place in Corbett, which is built in the middle of jungle, surrounded with unknown species. An entry to this thrilling place is through Dhangadi gate, filled with surprise visit of elephants, barking deer, sambhar and much more on the way.

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This Lodge provides all the basic necessities and is covered with electric fence for the safety of the tourists. Staying in Dhikala is mainly about staying with the animals except you are staying within the safety walls. You may hear Tigers Roar or elephants trumpeting sound outside your lodge, which indeed is the best experience of anyone’s life. You can feel the thunder of these animals roaming around you as they can feel the presence of humans around them. But it is advised not to bother anyone’s comfort as practically you will be in their home. So the more quite and observant you will be towards them, the more species you will encounter during your journey.


Forest department under Corbett national park has provided some exciting wildlife safari to conversance with the wilds of the Mother Earth. Such as Elephant Safari to encounter the beautiful black stripes tigers roaming around in the jungle, or Jeep Safari, which let you, unveil the charm of Corbett’ s flora and fauna. These safaris are best for wildlife lovers and photographers, taking you to the journey in an unknown world. Corbett National Park is not only popular for the wild but also for its indelible natural beauty. Explore the mesmerizing unseen birds during your journey, the fierce elephants, monitor lizards and much more.


Wildlife tours are just another way of understanding the other side of the nature. An opportunity to experience other species around you, which let you discover  a life beyond your imagination. It is quite fascinating to see different species, living together in harmony and how without any language they are able to understand each other’s surviving techniques. How these wild creatures let us enter into their kingdom, provided we do not disturb their Peace. So give a break to your frantic life and come out of your mechanical life, to experience the real life of these creatures surviving on the power of their inner intuition.

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