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India’s most favourite wildlife places

Animal Lovers are the kind of people who comprehend life in a different manner. Apparently India is the nation which has given birth to some golden endangered species. To encounter such species one needs to have the courage of letting yourself, go through the wild side of this country. The best pieces are not available easily, so you must prepare yourself to discover the hidden faces of the Jungles. The thrill which you get once you watch a wild animal walking in front of you, is an unexplainable feeling. The herd of elephants, deer, Rhinoceros or birds passing nearby you, without paying attention to the outside world is something which one should experience once in a lifetime. So gear up for some electrifying experience and discover these amazing places for an indelible wildlife vacation.

Gir National Park


Popular for the Asiatic Lions, this national park is situated in the South West of Gujarat. Apart from approximately 500 lions, striped Hyenas, Indian Fox and panthers, this beautiful place holds enchanting bird species as well. Best time to have a memorable experience with Lions will be November to April.

Sundarbans National Park


Located in the arms of West Bengal, Sundarbans is popular for Bengal Royal Tigers. This is the best place to spot Bengal Tigers, living in their own world without any concern. Whether it is swimming in the water or catching a prey, you will be able to discover the Bengal Tigers living in their own territory freely. A piece of advice to all the tourists will be to just stay at a distance from these ferocious tigers or not to be seen by them at all.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary


Who would have thought, a trippy beach place like Goa can offer us such a beautiful place like Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is located 2 kms away from South Goa and has not been discovered by lot of people. Discover the composed species of Sloth Bears, Porcupines and Panthers to encounter the wild side of vibrant Goa.

Hemis National Park


Hemis National Park is located in Ladakh and covers the area of about 4400 sq km. The beautiful places in Ladakh have always been popular for its breath taking nature and peace. So, discover the Snow Leopards and Tibetan argali sheep, blue sheep, golden eagles and much more from the hidden beauty of this place. The best time to visit the place will be May to September, when the lush green sites of Ladakh are at its peak to be encountered by Travellers.

Ranthambore National park


Located in the dense forests of Rajasthan, this irresistible wildlife sanctuary is the home for Tigers. As this national park is located in the areas of Royal warriors, one can feel the royalty amongst the wild animals as well. The best way to spot the beautiful endangered species will be through Safari rides in the deep lush pathways of this forest. Best time to feel the thrill in this national park will be October to July.



Exploring a wildlife sanctuary is not only an adventurous activity but it also let you unveil the life in wild, where the circle of prey and predator can be seen live. So unwind your courageous side and get to know the other life on this planet in its real form.

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