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Popular Beach Holiday places in India

How peaceful and pleasant we feel when we take a break from our busy schedule and just relax in our own world. don’t we? Well that is why people opt for Beach Vacations, giving some time to themselves. Today I will be discussing few of the best beach destinations in India


We all know India is a vast country, full of different cultures and colourful nature, but most of the people are unaware of the beaches Mother India has on her land. We will start with Goa, which is the most popular beach destination in India. Goa has everything one requires on a beach vacation. For all those quite times, where one wants to sit in silence and connect with themselves and meditate, South Goa should be the prime focus. Beaches like Palolem Beach, Betel Beach, BetalBatim Beach and much more are in existence for a calm holiday. These beaches are famous for its quietness and calmness with not much crowd around. People who wishes to indulge themselves in Sports activities in day and Clubbing at night prefers North Goa beaches. Baga Beach, Candolim Beach and Anjuna Beach are the most famous beaches for a happening night life and colourful vibes around. Then we have beaches in Kerela like Kovalam Beach, which is ideal for sports activities even in the night time. Another one is Cherai Beach, which is famous for its own kind, perfect for those royalty presence of coconut palms around you. Varkala Beach on the land of Kerala, famous for a belief by locals stating the sins of a person will be removed if one takes a dip in it. I suppose the water of this beach is charismatic which cleanses the body pores from within, making them feel lighter and clean. The next most famous beach in Kerela is Kozhikode Beach which is the basic tourist spot, perfect for beautiful sunset views and photography. 


Andaman and Nicobar, located on the lands of Lakshwdeep islands is one of the most famous islands around the world. It is not that big island, however it is one of the most amazing places for Beach destinations. This island provides a wide variety of sports like kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving in the most clean water in  entire world. The transparency one can see through these waters is really breath taking, which I guess helps us to clean our systems also. The other best beaches in India is Paradise and Marina beach in Pondicherry. An Indo-French heritage of this city makes the place more attractive and appealing. Born with the gorgeous shells, palm trees and shiny sand, this city makes the tourists feel heaven on Earth. Spend a quality time with family or involve yourself in an adventurous activities like surfing, these beaches will certainly leave a mark on your soul. 


Our universe is so enormous and cosmic with all kinds of different people and cultures along with so many unknown places. So lets experience the unknown and make ourselves brand new in every vacation, visitng these exciting places!

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